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What ecological concept does the term Alpha diversity primarily refer to?

Community and ecosystem diversity

Deforestation generally leads to a decrease in which environmental factor?


What is the main component responsible for the formation of photochemical smog?

Oxides of nitrogen

What is the main implication of having biodiversity hotspots around the world?

Protection of unique and threatened species

What is the primary cause of eutrophication in water bodies?

Excessive nutrient runoff

What does coral bleaching signify?

Decline in zooxanthellae due to climate change

Which of the following contributes to the formation of photochemical smog?

Combustion of fossil fuels in the presence of sunlight

Which gas is the largest contributor towards global warming?


What is the main purpose of using the absorption technique for controlling gaseous pollutants?

Absorbing pollutants

In the context of carbon credits, what does the term 'carbon credit' represent?

The difference between allowed and emitted carbon

Test your knowledge on environmental science with this quiz covering topics like global warming, eutrophication, the greenhouse effect, air pollutants, smog, and ozone. Evaluate your understanding of environmental issues and their impact on the planet.

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