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What is the impact of disposing non-biodegradable waste on the environment?

Negative impact due to long-lasting pollution

How do biodegradable substances differ from non-biodegradable ones in their environmental impact?

Biodegradable substances decompose easily and do not persist in the environment

Which of the following items is an example of a biodegradable material?

Fruit peels

How does human activity using harmful chemicals affect the ozone layer?

It endangers the ozone layer by depleting it

What are some examples of environment-friendly practices mentioned in the text?

Carrying cloth-bags to put purchases in while shopping

What is the consequence of killing all the organisms in one trophic level?

Severe disruption to the food chain and ecosystem balance

What type of waste has increased due to changes in packaging according to the text?

Non-biodegradable waste

Why is it important to treat biodegradable and nonbiodegradable wastes separately?

To reduce the negative impact on the environment

What is the primary reason for the increase in disposable items according to the text?

Changes in lifestyle

How does the increase in waste generation impact the environment?

It contributes to pollution and degradation

What measures can be taken to reduce the negative impact of increased waste generation on the environment?

Educating the public on waste management

How do local bodies contribute to waste management and environmental protection?

By establishing systems for waste collection and treatment

What was the main advantage of disposable cups made of clay over disposable plastic cups?

They were biodegradable and did not harm the environment.

What impact did the disposal of millions of plastic cups on a daily basis have on the environment?

It caused environmental pollution and posed a threat to marine life.

How do disposable paper-cups help reduce harm to the environment compared to disposable plastic cups?

They are biodegradable and pose less threat to wildlife.

Why was the use of disposable paper-cups suggested as an alternative to disposable plastic cups?

To reduce the accumulation of non-biodegradable waste in nature.

How does the recycling process of plastics impact the environment?

It reduces the need for raw material extraction and decreases energy consumption.

What hazardous materials need to be dealt with when disposing of electronic items, and how do they affect the environment?

Lead and mercury, which contaminate soil and water sources when improperly disposed.

Test your knowledge on environmental impact, trophic levels, and waste management. Explore how human activities affect the environment and how waste disposal can lead to serious environmental problems.

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