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What is the primary focus of environmental conservation?

Preserving natural resources

Which of the following represents a serious threat to human survival?

Ozone depletion

What is the necessity of protecting the environment from further damage?

To eliminate pollution of the air, water, and land

What is the aim of establishing ecological harmony?

To maintain a balance between human activities and the environment

Why has working for environmental protection become increasingly vital in modern times?

To protect the environment from further damage

Which action is considered essential for putting sustainable development into action?

Protecting natural resources for future generations

What is the primary factor contributing to the current catastrophe of biodiversity loss in India?


What is the second largest country in Asia?


What percentage of the populace in poor nations relies only on plants for medical care?


Which system of medicine in India relies on a variety of biological resources and traditional knowledge?


What is crucial for ensuring food security as well as for offering clothing, healthcare, and housing in India?

Traditional farming methods

What has received increasing international attention since the adoption of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in 1992?

Protection of traditional knowledge innovations and practices of indigenous and local communities

What is crucial for the long-term economic growth of industries such as construction, pharma, cosmetics, and agriculture?

Biological resources

What is crucial to the survival and means of subsistence for the rural populace in India?


What is the total size of India in hectares?

329 million hectares

What is India blessed with a variety of that fosters the development of a vast range of plant and animal species?

Agro-climatic conditions

What concept describes the ability of India to stay united despite its diverse religious, cultural, racial, and linguistic differences?

Unity in diversity

Which term best describes the stance of India from its inception with regard to religion?


What has contributed to India's 'Diversity Dividend'?

Secular and pluralist stance

What has facilitated the development of a wide range of plant and animal species in India?

Variety of cultures and traditions

Which phrase best captures India's approach to living together with love and peace despite religious, cultural, and linguistic differences?

Unity in diversity

What has been the thread that binds all Indians together during dark times and crises?

Unity among diversity

What is the primary focus of secularism in the Indian state, as mandated by the constitution?

To ensure that no religious community dominates another

How does the Indian state prevent religious domination in government spaces like law courts and police stations?

By distancing itself from religion in these spaces

What makes Indian culture, civilization, and history distinctive according to the text?

The organic synthesis of diverse cultural trends

In what ways is traditional knowledge widespread in India, as mentioned in the text?

Through culture, languages, literature, religion, fine arts, engineering, and sustainable development

What is the responsibility of the Indian populace towards traditional indigenous knowledge?

To legally protect and preserve it

What is the primary aim of secularism in a democratic country?

To ensure religious freedom for all individuals

How does the Indian state work to prevent religious domination as mentioned in the text?

By ensuring that no one religion dominates government spaces

What is the essence of Indian culture and civilization according to the text?

A synthesis of diverse human cultural trends that is organic and harmonious

How is traditional knowledge expressed in Indian culture as mentioned in the text?

Through fine arts, music, dance, and literature

What role does secularism play in preventing religious domination in the Indian state?

It ensures that no one religion dominates government spaces

Test your knowledge on environmental conservation, sustainable development, and biodiversity management. Learn about the importance of protecting traditional knowledge and natural resources for the well-being of current and future generations.

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