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What is entrepreneurship according to Stevenson and Jarillo?

Pursuing opportunities without regard to currently controlled resources

Which characteristic is shared by successful entrepreneurs according to the text?

Keen focus on products and customers

What is the primary reason that people become entrepreneurs according to the text?

Desire to be their own boss

What is the concept of corporate entrepreneurship at the firm level?

Proactive and innovative firms

Which term describes the position of a firm on the conceptual continuum related to entrepreneurial intensity?

'Proactive' stance

What is the most prominent characteristic shared by successful entrepreneurs as per the text?

Passion for the business

What percentage of Americans are actively engaged in starting a business or are the owner/manager of a business less than three years old?


Which of the following is NOT one of the learning objectives covered in the text?

Discuss the importance of entrepreneurship education

What type of entrepreneurship involves starting a new business within an existing organization?

Corporate entrepreneurship

Which of the following is NOT listed as a reason why people decide to become entrepreneurs?

To follow a family tradition

How many types of start-up firms are discussed in the text?


What is the main focus of the text?

Introduction to entrepreneurship

Test your knowledge on key concepts related to entrepreneurship, including the characteristics of entrepreneurial firms, reasons for becoming an entrepreneur, and myths about entrepreneurship. This quiz covers content from Chapter 1 'Introduction to Entrepreneurship' of the book 'Successfully Launching New Ventures'.

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