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What is the main idea of enlightened absolutism?

How did monarchs co-opt the ideas of the Enlightenment?

What is the difference between absolutism and enlightened absolutism?

What was the religious situation in the country before Joseph II's reign?

What were some of the educational reforms implemented by Joseph II?

What was Joseph II's goal in removing some privileges of the ruling class?

How did Joseph II hope to gain support for his new policies?

What is enlightened absolutism and what were some common aspects of the reigns of enlightened absolutists?

Who were some of the enlightened despots mentioned in the text and what were their contributions?

Was Louis XV considered an enlightened despot and why or why not?


Test your knowledge on enlightened absolutism and discover how absolutist monarchs used their powers to implement enlightened policies. Explore the connection between absolutism and enlightenment in this intriguing quiz.

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