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What does it mean when a project advances 'by leaps and bounds'?


What does it signify if someone's speech 'fell short on the audience'?

Had no effect

What did the officer do when he called for an explanation from the cashier for the shortage of cash?


What does it indicate when someone 'takes advice to heart'?


What characteristic is being described if someone 'wears their heart on their sleeve'?

Expresses feelings openly

What does the expression 'An axe to grind' mean?

To make a personal profit out of a situation

In the context of 'Rainy days', what is meant by 'Critical time in any situation'?

Unlucky time

What is the meaning of the phrase 'The alpha and the omega'?

The beginning and the end

If someone 'Turns a blind eye', what are they doing?

Hide the ugly truth from someone

What does it mean to have 'An uphill task'?

To take lead in danger

'A fool’s paradise' refers to:

To have happy dreams

What does it mean to 'Break the ice'?

To initiate a social conversation or interaction

What is the meaning of 'Give cold shoulder'?

Intentionally ignore someone

To 'Put one’s hand to plough' means:

Start an agricultural venture

What is the implication of 'Beating about the bush'?

Avoid the main topic

What does 'It takes two to tango' signify?

Remove obstacles from your way

What is the meaning of 'Open Pandora’s Box'?

Curse someone

What does the expression 'Don't worry over hair loss or else you lose more' imply?

Stressing about hair loss leads to more hair loss.

Which best describes the phrase 'A fool's paradise'?

Pretending that everything is going fine when actually all is being lost.

What is the meaning of the phrase 'Get on somebody's nerves'?

To be an irritant.

What does 'All in a day’s work' typically signify?

Something unusual or difficult accepted as part of someone’s normal routine.

What does 'Blessing in disguise' mean?

An apparent misfortune that eventually has good results.

What is the meaning of 'Eyebrow raising'?

An expression denoting surprise or skepticism.

What does 'Run helter-skelter' mean in the text?

A carelessly hurried situation

In the text, what is the meaning of 'Throw out of gears'?

Disturb the working of the existing system

What does 'Turn the tables' imply in the given text?

Get into an argument situation

What does 'Quite the thing' mean based on the text?

Very fashionable and popular

'Get the boot' in the text refers to:

Get fired

'Ace in the hole' in the text signifies:

A crucial resource that is hidden till its use is required

What does the phrase 'take exception' mean?

Object to

In the sentence 'She felt like a fish out of water at her new job', what does the expression 'fish out of water' suggest?

Uncomfortable and restless

What is the meaning of 'on the double'?

At a fast pace

What does 'rose-colored glasses' refer to?

A positive outlook on life

When someone 'retracts what one has said,' they are actually doing what?


What does 'one track mind' mean?

Always thinking of only one thing

Test your knowledge of English idioms with this quiz. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct idiom that fits the context.

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