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Which of the following sentences correctly uses the passive voice?

The mouse was chased by the cat.

Identify the correct preposition to complete the sentence: 'The keys are ___ the table.'


Which of the following sentences has subject-verb agreement error?

The students is studying for the exam.

In the sentence, 'The book was read by Mary,' what voice is being used?


In the sentence 'Me and my friends is going to the mall.', what should be the correct subject-verb agreement?

Me and my friends are

Which sentence demonstrates the correct usage of pronouns and subject-verb agreement?

He and I are going to the store.

Which sentence shows the appropriate use of verb tense?

Yesterday, I went to the park.

Which sentence correctly uses articles to specify or generalize nouns?

This is a book in my hand.

In what context should the word 'may' be used based on the text provided?

To suggest hypothetical scenarios

Which of the following scenarios is an appropriate use of the word 'can' as discussed in the text?

Inquiring about Bing Chat's capability to tell jokes

When should the word 'can' be used according to the examples provided?

To indicate potential and ability

In which situation would using 'may' be more suitable than 'can' based on the text?

Requesting Bing Chat's help in engaging in casual conversations

How can using 'may' or 'can' questions help gauge an AI's confidence in its answers?

By excluding inaccurate information

What is a key benefit of asking 'may' or 'can' questions to an AI when seeking a personalized response?

Prompting the AI to offer context-based responses

Why do 'may' or 'can' questions help in providing educational resources without relying on web search?

To offer step-by-step guides without web access

What does asking 'may' or 'can' questions to an AI indicate about the evolving nature of AI systems like Bing Chat?

AI systems may offer varied responses based on context

Study Notes

Exploring English: Grammar and Suitable Language Usage

English, a rich and versatile language, is much more than a tool for communication. Grammar, the backbone of English, ensures clarity and precision in every word we write or speak. In this article, we'll delve into the world of English grammar, focusing on suitable language usage with examples.

Grammar Basics

Grammar rules govern the arrangement of words and phrases to create meaningful sentences. While it may seem daunting at first, mastering basic grammar principles will open doors to clear and concise communication.

Suitable Language Usage with Grammar

Subject-Verb Agreement

Ensure that the subject and verb match in number.

Incorrect: Me and my friends is going to the mall. Correct: Me and my friends are going to the mall.

Pronoun Usage

Choose the appropriate pronoun based on the antecedent it refers to.

Incorrect: He and I is going to the store. Correct: He and I are going to the store.

Verb Tense

Use the correct verb tense depending on the context.

Incorrect: Yesterday I am going to the park. Correct: Yesterday, I went to the park.


Use definite and indefinite articles to specify or generalize nouns.

Incorrect: This is a book in my hand. Correct: This is a book in my hand.

Incorrect: A dog barking nearby. Correct: A dog was barking nearby.

Question Formation

Form questions using the correct verb form.

Incorrect: He what is going to do? Correct: What is he going to do?

Passive Voice

Use passive voice when the focus is on the action rather than the doer.

Incorrect: The cake ate by the children. Correct: The children ate the cake.

Incorrect: The building was designed by the architect. Correct: The architect designed the building.


Use prepositions to show the relationship between words.

Incorrect: The book on the table. Correct: The book is on the table.

Suitable Language Usage with Question Formatting

To engage in a conversation or evaluate a candidate's understanding, ask suitable questions involving grammar concepts:

  1. True or False: The subject and verb must agree in number. (True)
  2. Identify the subject and verb in the sentence, "The dog is barking."
  3. In the sentence, "I am going to the store," what is the verb tense?
  4. Which articles are used in the sentence, "The cat is on the mat, but a dog is under the table"?
  5. In the sentence, "I ate the apple," is the verb in passive voice?
  6. In the sentence, "In the park, a man is walking his dog," which preposition shows the relationship between "man" and "park"?

Confidence in grammar and language usage is key to effective communication. With practice and understanding, these skills become second nature, and the written and spoken word flows with clarity and precision.

Test your understanding of English grammar rules and suitable language usage with this quiz. Explore concepts like subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, verb tense, articles, question formation, passive voice, and prepositions. Practice identifying and correcting common grammar mistakes to enhance clarity and precision in your communication.

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