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What is meant by 'political language'?

The language used in news reports and political statements

What does the term 'politics' refer to?

The complex aggregate of relationships of people in society

Which of the following is included in political language?

National and international political debates

What does the term 'politics' encompass?

Principles, sympathies, attitudes, ideologies, and biases with respect to politics

In what way is politics defined by the public?

As a reference to the power, authority, or government in rule

What is the primary focus of politics?

The power, authority, or government in rule

Which of the following is a component of political language?

News bulletins

What does the term 'politics' encompass?

Opinions, principles, and sympathies

In what way is political language broadly defined?

As a reference to news and news reports

What does the public commonly understand 'politics' to refer to?

Power, authority, or government in rule

Study Notes

  • Politics is the practice of forming, directing, and administrating States and political units, defined as the art and science of government or governance.
  • Politics also refers to the complex aggregate of relationships involving power and authority in society.
  • Political language is the language used in news reports, news bulletins, headlines, political speeches, statements, communiqués, press releases, press conferences, debates, and institutions.
  • The text is a Table of Contents from a publication prepared by Dr. Wegdan Rabea Sayed, a lecturer in the English Department of Sohag University.
  • The publication covers various aspects of political language, including discourse and politics, ideology in news headlines and articles, translating formal political language, political idioms and rhetoric, partiality in translating media and political idioms, and translating styles and counter-styles in the media and political idioms.

Test your knowledge on discourse, politics, ideology, and formal language translation in the context of linguistics and translation studies. Compiled by Dr. Wegdan Rabea Sayed, this quiz covers various chapters including Introduction, Discourse and Politics, Ideology and News Headlines, and Translating Formal Language of Political Institutions.

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