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Match the following questions with their corresponding word count:

What did Phatik and his friends do to Makhan? = 150 words Explain the universal appeal in the poem 'If'. = 150 words Describe the relationship between Phatik and Bishambar's Wife. = 75 words What were Gandhi's reasons for trying to learn French. = 75 words

Match the characters with their corresponding actions:

Phatik = Did something to Makhan Ambedkar = Believes caste system denies society and democracy Gandhi = Tried to learn French Bishambar's Wife = Has a relationship with Phatik

Match the following themes with their corresponding texts:

Death = 'My Grandmother's House' Universal appeal = Poem 'If' Graded inequality = Dr. Ambedkar's belief Learning = Gandhi's French lessons

Match the following figures with their corresponding beliefs or actions:

Ambedkar = Believes in the detrimental effects of the caste system Gandhi = Attempts to learn French Dr. Ambedkar = Concept of 'Graded inequality' Phatik = Interacts with Bishambar's Wife

Match the literary elements with their corresponding examples:

Character = Phatik Theme = Death in 'My Grandmother's House' Relationship = Between Phatik and Bishambar's Wife Learning = Gandhi's reasons for trying to learn French

This quiz is for B.Sc. (Part-I), B.Sc. (IT), B.C.A., and B.Com. (C.B.C.S. Pattern) students taking the Compulsory English or English (Business Communication-I) course. The quiz covers various topics related to the course and includes a question that needs to be answered in about 150 words.

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