Engineering Physics II Unit 1: Quantum Mechanics

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What is the main purpose of the Wien's Radiation Formula?

To explain the observed spectral distribution of a black body radiation

Why does the Wien's Radiation Formula have limitations?

It is only applicable at low wavelengths

What did Rayleigh and Jean apply to electromagnetic black body radiation?

Classical law of equipartition of energy

What phenomena does Quantum Mechanics aim to explain?

BlackBody Radiation

What were the attempts made on the basis of classical physics in explaining black body radiation?

Wien's Radiation Formula, Rayleigh-Jean's Law, Stefan-Boltzmann's Law

Why were the theoretical explanations based on classical physics not very successful in explaining black body radiation?

They failed to provide a complete spectrum for black body radiation

Who is credited with the discovery of energy quanta and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918?

Max Planck

What is the name of the law that states the energy density of black body radiation is inversely proportional to the fourth power of wavelength?

Rayleigh-Jeans law

What contradiction was known as 'Ultraviolet Catastrophe'?

Rayleigh-Jeans formula

Who explained the Rutherford model by Old Quantum Theory of atom?

Niels Bohr

What is the name of the German theoretical physicist known for his role as the originator of quantum theory?

Max Planck

According to Rutherford, what did classical theory of electromagnetic radiation suggest about the stability of an atom?

An atom would collapse ultimately

What phenomenon did the failure of Rayleigh-Jeans formula give the first indication of?

Inadequacy of classical physics

What is the name given to the contradiction where the energy spectrum graph agreed for long wavelengths but went towards infinity at the shorter wavelength end?

'Ultraviolet Catastrophe'

What did Planck's Radiation Law address inadequacies in?

'Rayleigh-Jeans formula'

'Bohr Old Quantum Theory' explained that electrons are allowed to revolve only in ____________.

'Circular orbits'

Test your knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and the failures of Classical Mechanics in explaining phenomena like BlackBody Radiation and theoretical explanations of spectra obtained from it.

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