Engineering Geology Fundamentals

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What is the term for the location of an earthquake center within the Earth's crust or mantle?


Which type of faulting occurs when rocks slide past each other due to shear stress?

Strike-slip faulting

What type of plate boundary is associated with subduction of oceanic crust and deep earthquakes?

Convergent boundary

In a reverse fault, which block of crust moves upward relative to the other under compressional forces?

Hanging-wall block

What role does tension play in the formation of normal faults?

Pulls rocks apart

Which zone allows seismologists to map out a subduction zone by tracking seismic activity?

Benioff zone

What is the main focus of engineering geology?

Application of geologic knowledge in civil engineering

Which geological hazard is NOT mentioned in the text?


How do engineers respond to soft ground and settlement issues?

Foundation design to redistribute loading

What is the primary objective when dealing with unstable slopes and potential sliding?

Avoiding the hazard zone

Which is a key aspect considered for potential earthquake hazards?

Structural design to withstand vibration

What is essential to understand in order to grasp plate tectonics?

Chemical composition and physical characteristics of Earth's layers

What branch of geology deals with understanding the origin and development of Earth throughout its 4.6-billion-year history?

Historical Geology

In geology, what does petrology specifically focus on?

The mode of formation, structure, and types of rocks

Which aspect of geology examines the materials that compose the Earth and the processes operating on and beneath its surface?

Physical Geology

What does structural geology primarily study in terms of geological features?

The causes and classification of geological structures like folds and faults

Which branch of geology is concerned with the mode of formation, composition, occurrence, properties, and uses of minerals?


Why is the study of geology significant in areas like Geodetic Engineering?

To analyze and utilize construction materials effectively

Explore the fundamentals of engineering geology, which involves the application of geologic knowledge in the field of civil engineering. Learn how geology plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and stable construction of various infrastructures like dams, tunnels, and bridges.

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