Encouraging Scientific Exploration in Students

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What should students do to explore all possibilities and find answers?

Experiment on their own

What is NOT recommended when conducting activities from the textbook?

Using blades, scissors, or fire without supervision

Why is making keen and true observations important in studying any subject?

It aids in exploring any subject of study

What is the advice given regarding students' results differing from those of classmates?

Find out the reason for the different results

What should students do if they want to add questions or answers to their 'sacks'?

Complete suggested activities and send results to Paheli and Boojho

Why is it important for students to complete the suggested activities in the textbook?

To ensure that the book can help them

What is the purpose of the challenging exercises mentioned in the text?

To enhance children's understanding

Why are non-evaluative boxes included in the text?

To provide additional information and interesting materials

What is the purpose of inserting necessary cautions in magenta throughout the book?

To prevent untoward incidents during activities

Why does the text emphasize the value of cooperation and peer learning?

To highlight the importance of working together and learning from peers

What do Extended Learning activities in the text involve?

Voluntary, non-evaluative projects

Why have some exercises been devised for children aiming to appear for the National Talent Search Examination?

To challenge those students and prepare them for a competitive exam

Who provided dynamic leadership in the development of the textbook mentioned in the text?

Professor Hukum Singh

What role did Shveta Uppal play in the development of the textbook?

Chief Editor

Which team will accompany the students through the textbook journey according to the text?

Paheli and Boojho

What do Paheli and Boojho like to do as described in the text?

Collect questions in sacks

Who among the following was responsible for proofreading the manuscript?

Ritu Jha

What type of questions do Paheli and Boojho share with students according to the text?

All kinds of questions

Study Notes

Features of the Textbook

  • Numerous exercises are provided at the end of each chapter to help teachers evaluate children effectively.
  • Teachers are encouraged to create additional exercises to assess children's understanding.
  • Challenging exercises are included for children preparing for the National Talent Search Examination.

Additional Resources

  • Non-evaluative boxes in light orange provide additional information, anecdotes, stories, and interesting facts.
  • Caution notes in magenta are inserted throughout the book to ensure safety during activities.

Values and Awareness

  • The textbook aims to sensitise children to social issues such as gender, religion, environment, health, and hygiene.
  • It promotes the values of cooperation and peer learning.

Extended Learning

  • Extended Learning activities are voluntary and non-evaluative, encouraging children to engage in projects and activities.


  • The National Monitoring Committee provided valuable suggestions during manuscript development.
  • The Council acknowledges the contributions of various individuals and departments involved in the textbook's development.

This quiz explores the importance of encouraging students to conduct experiments, read books, and ask questions to deepen their understanding of science. It emphasizes the significance of fostering curiosity and providing opportunities for hands-on learning experiences.

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