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What does empowerment refer to?

The ability of individuals to make choices for desired changes in their lives

Why is youth empowerment important in community action initiatives?

To train the youth to become self-reliant and disciplined

What is advocacy in connection with community action?

An act of supporting a cause

What is the objective of Participatory Development?

To engage the marginalized group in programs and activities that will benefit them

What does the Principle of Ownership refer to?

The ability of people to own the process and results of what they do

What is the primary focus of participatory planning?

Domination by a single point of view

Which stage of participatory planning involves promoting awareness of the issue related to the action?


What is the purpose of consultation in participatory planning?

Offering several options and listening to feedback

Which core value emphasizes equality and fairness in terms of the treatment of human beings and access to resources?

Social equity

What does a community action plan define?

The community's desired achievements and strategies for achieving them

Test your knowledge on empowerment, youth empowerment, and advocacy in community action initiatives with this quiz. Learn about the capacity of individuals to make choices for desired changes and the importance of self-reliance and discipline in achieving future goals.

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