Emergency Assessment in Healthcare

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Which type of assessment involves data collection that occurs after a comprehensive database is established?

Ongoing or Partial Assessment

When is a focused or problem-oriented assessment typically done?

When a patient presents with a specific health concern

What is the purpose of validation in the context of health assessment?

To verify that the data is accurate and factual

Which model is NOT considered a nursing model in the text provided?

The Wellness Model

In which type of assessment would a nurse include the client's perception of health, past health history, lifestyle, and objective and subjective data?

Initial Comprehensive Assessment

When does an emergency assessment usually take place?

When a patient comes in with immediate health concerns

Which factor has influenced the expansion of nurses' roles according to the text?

Aging population

What was a common method employed by acute care nurses in the 1980s for the delivery of care?

Relying on primary care delivery

Which role has emerged in the 21st century impacting health assessment, as per the text?

Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs)

Which factor has led to downsizing, budget cuts, and restructuring in health care priorities?

Demand for documentation

In which time period did American Journal of Public Health report routine client and home inspection by Public Health Nurses (PHNs)?


What technique was recorded as part of independent nursing practice in 1901, according to the text?

Palpation and auscultation

What is the major concern in an emergency assessment?

Determine the status of the client's life-sustaining physical functions

Which framework evaluates the effects of mind, body, and environment in relation to a person's ability to perform ADLs?

Functional Health Framework

What are the types of frameworks mentioned in the text?

Functional Health Framework, Cephalocaudal Framework, Body Systems Framework

In Gordon's 11 Functional Health Patterns, which one includes evaluation of coping and stress tolerance?

Coping-Stress Tolerance

What is the main focus of assessing ABC (Airway, Breathing, Circulation) during an emergency?

Detecting life-threatening conditions like cardiac arrest

Why does thorough assessment not cover areas not related to the problem?

It may lead to unnecessary delays in treatment

Explore concepts related to emergency assessment in healthcare, focusing on rapid procedures performed in life-threatening situations to provide immediate treatment. Learn about evaluating the client's life-sustaining physical functions, such as airway, breathing, and circulation.

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