Embryonic Development of Head and Neck - Pharyngeal Apparatus

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What is the structure that forms on the midline of the embryo during development?


During which process do cells migrate along the primitive streak?


What is the early precursor of the central nervous system?

Neural crest cells

Which structure invaginates to form the neural tube?


In what week does the embryo transition from a flat organism to a more tubular creature?

3rd week

Which process leads to the formation of a three-layered embryo (ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm)?


What is the origin of the structures derived from the pouches mentioned in the text?


Which gland is derived from the ultimobranchial body mentioned in the text?

Thyroid gland

Failure of obliteration of pharyngeal clefts by which pharyngeal arch can lead to branchial cysts?

2nd pharyngeal arch

Which part of the face is formed by the single frontonasal prominence?


What plays a crucial role in the development of the face around the stomodeum in the 4th week?

Neural crest cells

Where are the primordial swellings primarily derived from during facial formation?

Neural crest cells

When does the oronasal membrane typically rupture?

7th week

Where are the primitive choanae located after the development of the secondary palate?

At the junction of nasal cavity and pharynx

When does palatogenesis begin and end?

Begins at the end of the 5th week and ends at the end of the 12th week

From which structure does the primary palate develop?

Intermaxillary segment

What is the primary palate fused to during development?

The secondary palate

Where does the secondary palate begin to develop from?

Maxillary arches

Explore the key events in the development of head and neck with a focus on the pharyngeal apparatus. From the initial stages with the embryoblast to the formation of the three germ layers, delve into the intricate process of early embryonic development.

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