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What is embroidery?

A technique of decorating textiles with needlework

What does the term 'embroidery' mean in Old French?

Edge and border

Where was embroidery introduced into the Orient?

The Philippines

Where is exquisite embroidery work noted for its quality?


Study Notes

Embroidery Basics

  • Embroidery is a form of decorative art or handicraft.
  • The term "embroidery" originates from Old French, where it means "to embroider" or "decorate with needlework".

History of Embroidery

  • Embroidery was introduced into the Orient from the Middle East.
  • Exquisite embroidery work is noted for its quality in China, where it has a long history and has been a significant part of the country's cultural heritage.

Test your knowledge of the history and origins of embroidery with this quiz. Explore the roots of this needlework tradition and its spread to different parts of the world.

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