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What is the correct symbol for an AC supply?


Which device is used to measure current?


What does an LED stand for?

Light Emitting Diode

What does a reed switch do?

Closes and completes the circuit when a magnet passes over

What does an LDR stand for?

Light Dependent Resistor

What type of resistor has a resistance that increases as the temperature rises?


Which electronic device latches and allows a large current to flow between the Anode and Cathode when a small current is registered at the Gate?


Which type of switch will return to its OFF position when the button is released, like a doorbell?

Push to Make

What type of resistor is designed as an adjustable resistor?

Variable resistor

Which type of switch is activated by flipping a lever to make or break the connection?

Toggle Switch

Test your knowledge on electrical symbols with this multiple choice quiz containing 15 questions on symbols like AC supply, ammeter, battery, bulb, buzzer, and diode. Identify the correct symbol for each component.

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