Electric Current and Drift Velocity in Metallic Conductors

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What is the definition of electric current in terms of charge flowing across a conductor?

How is current defined when considering the limit of the time interval approaching zero?

What is the SI unit of current?

What happens to the current if the time interval in the definition of current is decreased?

Which order of magnitude is typical for currents in domestic appliances?

In atoms and molecules, why are electrons and nuclei bound to each other?

What kind of charged particles exist freely in nature in the upper strata of the atmosphere?

'Bulk matter is made up of many molecules.' What property of matter does this statement highlight?

'An electric charge will experience a force if an electric field is applied.' What phenomenon does this statement describe?

'Bulk matter is made up of many molecules.' How many molecules are approximately present in a gram of water?


This quiz covers the concept of electric current in metallic conductors, focusing on the relationship between current density, drift velocity, and the number of free electrons. It also involves calculations of total charge transported in a given time interval.

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