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Which type of coal is known for being the highest rank and containing a high percentage of fixed carbon?

Anthracite coal

What distinguishes bituminous coal from other types of coal?

It is shiny and smooth with visible layers

Which type of coal has the least concentration of carbon?

Lignite coal

In the context of the text, what is the most common type of coal used in electricity generation in the United States?

Bituminous coal

What is the primary environmental concern associated with using coal as a non-renewable energy source?

Release of greenhouse gases

What is the main limitation of non-renewable energy sources like coal?


What is the primary reason coal is considered a non-renewable energy source?

It takes millions of years to form.

Which type of rock is coal primarily composed of?


What geological time period did the plants that eventually formed coal live in?

Carboniferous period

What is the main environmental concern associated with the use of coal as a fuel?

Air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

What process is used to convert water into steam in the context of coal energy generation?


Which of the following best describes why coal is categorized as a fossil fuel?

It is composed of organic matter from prehistoric plants.

What is the main product that comes from oil?


Why can crude oil not be used as an energy source immediately after being removed from the ground?

It needs to be cleaned and separated into various fuels.

What is the main component of natural gas composition?


Which process involves cleaning and separating crude oil into various fuels and byproducts?


What type of fuel is propane considered to be?

Fossil fuel

How is natural gas mainly utilized in heating applications?

Heating homes and fuelling hot air balloons

Test your knowledge about biomass, direct combustion systems, steam turbines, non-renewable energy, and more in the context of mechanical and electrical energy generation. Explore the types of biomass used and the impact on industries.

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