EIB2004/EIF2002 Environmental Economics with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Santha Chenayah

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What is the main purpose of creating awareness on environmental issues?

To educate and inform the public

What is a key requirement for each GROUP in this assignment?

To submit a 10-page report

Which event focuses on saving water according to the provided information?

#cature2023 – save water

What is the significance of the Proposal Presentation scheduled in Week 7?

To present the group's proposal

Which social media hashtag is related to waste disposal?

#wastedisposables_23 – waste disposal

What is the main focus of the #greendays0331 - 3R event?

3R principles

What activity is associated with #flooddefenders according to the information provided?

#flooddefenders – flood management

Why is the Final Examination an important component of EIB2004 and EIF2002?

To assess understanding through essays

Which of the following is NOT a social media hashtag associated with environmental issues?

#ecomobolizer – #breathingeasy23 - Pollution

Why is the DD curve considered inelastic when it is at the lower end?

Because a small change in price leads to a small change in quantity demanded.

What is the relationship between marginal revenue (MR) and the elasticity of demand?

MR is inversely proportional to elasticity of demand.

Why would a rational monopolist choose not to produce on the inelastic part of the DD curve?

Because it would result in a decrease in total revenue.

At what output level would a rational, profit-maximizing monopolist choose to produce?

Where MR = MC

When is the DD curve considered elastic?

When Ed is less than -1

What does a negative value of MR indicate for a monopolist?

A decrease in total revenue

Why would a monopolist avoid producing at an output level with negative MR?

It results in reduced total revenue.

What is the significance of producing at an output level where MR = MC for a monopolist?

It maximizes profits.

In which part of the demand curve does a rational, profit-maximizing monopolist prefer to produce?

Elastic portion

What would be the consequence of producing at an output level with negative MR for a rational monopolist?

Decrease in total revenue

Explore the theories of environment in the realm of environmental economics with a focus on efficient market theory and market failures. This course aims to enhance students' comprehension of resource allocation and environmental economics.

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