Egypt: History and Literature

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The Old Kingdom saw the survival of important works such as Pyramid Texts and Cannibal Texts, which include nonliterary and highly poetic ______


The Tale of Sinuhe relates the flight of a refugee courtier, Sinuhe, from Egypt to Syria for political reasons, his life in exile and his ______


The Shipwrecked Sailor is a simple folk tale of a sailor who meets an old fatherly serpent on an ______


The Story of King Apohis and Sekenenre concerns war expelling the ______


The literature of the late period differs greatly from that of the earlier times because it was written in ______, the simplified Egyptian language of that time


Works like The Lamentations of Isis and Nephtys and Setna and The Magic Book were popular during the ______

Late Period

Egypt is bisected by the highly fertile ______ valley


Egypt's 1979 peace treaty with Israel brought security, the return of the ______, and large injections of U.S. aid


Egyptian literature is characterized by a wide diversity of types and subject ______


The religious literature of ancient Egypt includes hymns to the gods, mythological and ______ texts


What are some examples of literary devices found in ancient Egyptian literature?

Simile, metaphor, alliteration, punning

During which historical periods does ancient Egyptian literature date from?

Old Kingdom (c. 2755-2255 B.C.) into the Greco-Roman period (after 332 B.C.)

What are some examples of secular literature found in ancient Egyptian writings?

Stories, instructive literature ('wisdom text'), poems, biographical and historical texts, scientific treatises, legal, administrative, and economic texts

What were the key outcomes of Egypt's 1979 peace treaty with Israel?

Security, return of the Sinai, large injections of U.S. aid

What type of literary works survived from the Old Kingdom period of ancient Egypt?

Pyramid Texts, Cannibal Texts, Proverbs of Ptahotep

In the Tale of Sinuhe, what were the reasons for the refugee courtier, Sinuhe, fleeing from Egypt to Syria?

Political reasons

Which tale from the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt involves an official sent to Lebanon for cedar wood?

Voyage of Wenamon

What is the simplified Egyptian language of the late period known as?


What is the central theme of the Story of King Apohis and Sekenenre from the New Kingdom period?

War expelling the Hyksos

What unique characteristic of the New Kingdom period's writing style replaced the artificialities of the Middle Kingdom?

The use of the language of the day

Explore the history, geography, and literature of Egypt in this quiz. Learn about its geographical features, historical events, and the characteristics of ancient Egyptian literature.

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