Effects of Methamphetamine on Oral Health

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What is the main cause of 'Meth Mouth'?

Dissolved tooth enamel

Which of the following is a common side effect of anabolic steroid use?

Aggressive behavior

What is one harmful effect of meth use on oral health?

Increased rate of tooth decay

Which substance is known to have a chemical structure similar to testosterone?

Anabolic steroids

What is a common health risk associated with anabolic steroid use?

Increased risk of strokes & blood clots

'Gynecomastia' refers to which side effect observed in the text?

'Development of breasts'

What are some dangerous effects associated with substance abuse mentioned in the text?

Kidney failure and bleeding in the brain

Which of the following is a characteristic of cocaine as mentioned in the text?

Short-term effects of 15 minutes to an hour

How do stimulants like cocaine affect motor activity according to the text?

Enhance energy and motor activity

What is a potential health risk associated with substance abuse highlighted in the text?

High blood pressure and irregular heartbeats

What is the primary danger mentioned for consuming controlled substances like cocaine?

Potential for seizures and coma

How do stimulants impact alertness according to the text?

Increase alertness and attention

What is the primary characteristic of controlled substances?

They are excluded from Schedules I, II, and III

What is a common effect of overdose from hallucinogens?

Increased heart rate and blood pressure

Which substance is associated with symptoms such as hallucinations, euphoria, and vomiting?


What is a potential effect of MDMA (ecstasy) overdose?

Kidney failure

How do hallucinogens typically affect the user?

Alter perceptions and thinking

Which category do anabolic steroids fall under according to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act?

Anabolic steroids

What is a potential health risk associated with oxycodone abuse?

Loss of consciousness

Which substance is mentioned as having a lethal dose of 2 mg in most people?


What effect can stimulants have on appetite according to the text?

Suppresses appetite

What are some dangerous effects associated with stimulant overdose?

Seizures and confusion

What is NOT listed as a characteristic of drug overdose in the text?

Enhanced cognitive function

Which substance increases feelings of energy and alertness but can result in depression later on?

Cocaine & Crack cocaine

Which of the following symptoms is common in individuals who abuse LSD?

Increased heart rate and body temperature

What visible sign is commonly associated with MDMA (Ecstasy) use?

Dilated pupils and excessive sweating

What is a characteristic symptom of methadone overdose?

Drowsiness and muscle twitches

What is a dangerous effect of PCP abuse?

Convulsions and possibly death from heart failure

Which substance is typically used as a pain reliever due to its ability to relax muscles?


What is a common visible sign of drug overdose according to the text?

Small pupils and cold clammy skin

Learn about how methamphetamine use can lead to severe dental issues known as 'Meth Mouth', including enamel erosion, gum and teeth decay, decreased saliva production, increased cravings for sugary foods, poor oral hygiene, and tooth-grinding. Explore the detrimental impact of controlled substances on oral health.

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