Exercise and Stress

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What is a characteristic of anaerobic exercise?

Requires more oxygen than can be taken in

Which physical fitness component is NOT mentioned in the text?

Mental alertness

What is a potential impact of exercise on the stress response?

Reduces cortisol and catecholamine levels

How often is recommended to exercise to acquire the benefits of aerobic exercise?

Three times a week

What effect does exercise have on the heart muscle?

Lowers resting pulse rate

How do fit individuals' stress response differ from unfit individuals?

Fit individuals have a quicker recovery from stress than unfit individuals.

What is the role of natural opioids during exercise according to the text?

Natural opioids reduce anxiety and depression levels after exercise.

In terms of telomere length, how does perceived stress affect sedentary individuals?

Perceived stress results in shorter telomeres in sedentary individuals.

What differentiates the heart rate response to stress between fit and unfit individuals?

Fit individuals experience less elevation in heart rate compared to unfit individuals.

How do fit individuals respond to stress compared to unfit individuals based on the text?

Fit individuals show a diminished SNS response upon exposure to stress.

Individuals with high physical activity were __ less likely to report high perceived stress compared to individuals low in physical activity.


What was the primary type of exercise listed by 62% of participants with a high level of exercise?


In the study on PTSD, what percentage of participants exhibited a significant reduction in symptoms after the aerobic exercise program?


Which type of exercise was more popular among participants than anaerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise

What was the primary method used to measure PTSD symptoms in the study conducted on 14-17 year old females?

Self-report questionnaires

What was the main finding regarding the reduction of OCD symptoms after the 12-week exercise regime?

Symptoms decreased considerably

Which group in the GAD study showed only a small improvement in depression scores?

Walking group

What type of effect sizes were seen in the reduction of negative mood and anxiety after the aerobic exercise regime?

Medium to large

What was the impact of fitness levels on symptom relief in the GAD study?

Greater fitness improvements resulted in greater symptom relief

What did the NIMH self-report scale measure in the OCD clinic population?

OCD symptoms

Aerobic exercise has been shown to have a negative impact on physiological stress response mechanisms.


The study by Merom et al. (2007) focused on comparing the effectiveness of cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) alone versus CBT combined with a walking program in treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).


Patients who showed greater improvements in their fitness levels in the GAD study experienced less symptom relief.


The exercise regime tailored to patients in the OCD clinic lasted for 6 weeks.


The symptoms of obsessions and compulsions in OCD patients showed only small to medium effect sizes reduction after the exercise program.


Match the study with the population it focused on:

OCD clinic study = Patients in OCD clinic, 18-65 years old GAD study = Clinic outpatients

Match the study with the primary outcome related to psychological disorders:

OCD clinic study = Reduction of obsessions and compulsions GAD study = Symptom relief

Match the study with the type of therapy/exercise program used:

OCD clinic study = Moderate intensity 12 week aerobic exercise regime GAD study = Cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) versus CBT + a walking program

Match the result with its corresponding finding:

Patients in 'walking' group showed only small improvement in depression scores = GAD study Symptoms decreased considerably after exercise program = OCD clinic study

Match the effect size range with the symptom category in the OCD clinic study:

Large to medium effect sizes = Reduction of negative mood and anxiety Large to small effect sizes = Reduction of obsessions and compulsions

Explore the relationship between exercise levels and perceived stress in a study involving thousands of working adults. Learn how individuals with high physical activity levels are less likely to report high or moderate levels of stress compared to low-activity individuals.

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