Effects of Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide Poisoning

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What is the primary goal of stormwater management?

Reduce runoff into streets and lawns

How does air pollution contribute to water contamination?

By absorbing human-induced CO2 emissions from oceans

Why is green agriculture important in limiting water pollution?

To lessen the chemicals entering the water

Which method is not mentioned as a way to mitigate water pollution in the text?

Forest management

Which pollutant mainly affects the brain, kidney, and impairs mental functioning in children?


What potential health risks are associated with burning some of the materials mentioned in the text?

Potential to cause cancer

How does mixing hazardous wastes with garbage and combustible waste impact waste management according to the text?

Poses challenges and risks for waste workers and rag pickers

What symptom does Carbon monoxide (Co) exposure primarily lead to?

Difficulty in breathing

What is the primary difference between biodegradable and non-biodegradable solid waste?

Biodegradable waste decomposes naturally, while non-biodegradable waste does not decompose easily.

How does improper disposal of municipal solid waste impact the environment?

It leads to foul odors and the breeding of insects and infectious organisms.

What effect does Particulate matter(PM) have on the human respiratory system?

Induces difficulty in breathing

Which of the following is NOT part of the solid waste management strategy mentioned in the text?

Increase in solid waste quantity

How does Nitrogen di oxide(NO2) contribute to environmental damage?

Forms acidic particles and liquid nitric acid

Why are industrial solid wastes considered hazardous?

They are a source of toxic metals and hazardous materials that can alter soil characteristics.

What makes the segregation and disposal of refuse more difficult and risky?

Mixing hazardous wastes with combustible and non-hazardous waste

Study Notes

Stormwater Management

  • The primary goal of stormwater management is to prevent water pollution.

Water Pollution

  • Air pollution contributes to water contamination by depositing pollutants into water bodies.
  • Green agriculture is important in limiting water pollution as it reduces the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Mitigating Water Pollution

  • Methods to mitigate water pollution include green agriculture, proper waste disposal, and stormwater management.

Pollutants and Health Risks

  • Lead mainly affects the brain, kidney, and impairs mental functioning in children.
  • Burning certain materials can lead to potential health risks due to the release of toxic substances.

Waste Management

  • Mixing hazardous wastes with garbage and combustible waste makes waste management more challenging.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) exposure primarily leads to headaches.
  • Biodegradable solid waste can break down naturally, whereas non-biodegradable solid waste cannot.

Environmental Impact

  • Improper disposal of municipal solid waste can lead to environmental pollution and harm to ecosystems.
  • Particulate matter (PM) can cause respiratory problems and damage the human respiratory system.

Solid Waste Management

  • The primary difference between biodegradable and non-biodegradable solid waste is their ability to break down naturally.
  • Industrial solid wastes are considered hazardous due to their toxic and corrosive nature.
  • Segregation and disposal of refuse are more difficult and risky due to the presence of hazardous materials.

Air Pollution

  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) contributes to environmental damage by reacting with other pollutants to form ground-level ozone and particulate matter.

Learn about the symptoms and consequences of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide poisoning due to incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. Understand how these gases can lead to respiratory problems, acid rain, and harm to plants and animals.

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