Effect of Social Media Marketing on Customer Buying Behavior - Introduction

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What is the primary focus of the research mentioned in the text?

Understanding the effect of social media marketing on customer buying behavior

Why is it important for businesses to understand the interplay between social media and consumer behavior?

To unlock strategic insights for business success

What method does the research use to collect data?

Systematic sampling

Which aspect of social media marketing does the research NOT aim to explore?

Evaluation of traditional advertising strategies

In what city are the surveys distributed to collect data for the research?


What is the main reason mentioned in the text for businesses to delve into consumer motivations and preferences?

To enhance business strategies and success

What has social media marketing revolutionized besides communication?

Consumer behavior

Which variables are crucial for the study to analyze concerning the impact of social media marketing on consumer behaviors?

Online community, trendiness, interaction, entertainment, and word of mouth

What is the primary motivation behind conducting this research?

Growing prevalence of online shopping and escalating reliance on social media platforms

In which type of environment do Clothing Online Shops in Yangon operate?

Highly competitive and dynamic

What aspect is the study seeking to explore concerning the relationship between social media marketing and customer buying behavior?

Intricate relationship

Which of the following have been redefined by the advent and widespread adoption of social media platforms?

Manner in which consumers engage with and make purchasing decisions

Explore the impact of social media marketing on customer buying behavior in online clothing shops in Yangon with a focus on the introduction chapter. Understand the changing dynamics of consumer behavior in the digital age.

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