Economics: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

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What does microeconomics primarily analyze in the economy?

Which type of economics advocates 'what ought to be'?

In what areas can economic analysis be applied throughout society?

What does macroeconomics primarily analyze in the economy?

Which branch of economics focuses on the behaviour of economic agents and how economies work?

What is the distinction between positive economics and normative economics?

What was the earlier term for the discipline of economics?

According to Adam Smith, what did political economy aim to provide?

How did Jean-Baptiste Say define economics?

Who coined the term 'the dismal science' in connection with classical economics?

According to John Stuart Mill, what does economics trace the laws of?

According to Alfred Marshall, what is economics a study of?

What did Lionel Robbins describe as the subject matter of economics?

What is the derivation of the term 'economics'?

What did Adam Smith define as the twofold objectives of political economy?

What did Thomas Carlyle coin as an epithet for classical economics?


Test your knowledge of economics with this quiz that covers the basic elements of the economy, individual agents, markets, and the behavior and interactions of economic agents. Explore concepts from microeconomics to macroeconomics and understand how economies work.

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