Economic Development

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What is the main goal of economic development?

To improve people's lives through expanded opportunities and improved standards of living

Which sector experiences a shift during economic development?

Agriculture to manufacturing industries

What is a critical component in any plan for sustainable economic development in developing countries?

Reducing poverty levels

How can the standard of living improve as a result of economic development?

Through growth in per capita income and increases in output and productivity

Which factor is NOT considered a key aspect of economic development?

Reducing healthcare services

Where does the debate on achieving economic development primarily lie?

Both increased trade and liberalization as well as government intervention with policies like subsidies

Study Notes

Economic Development

Economic development refers to the process of improving people's lives by expanding their opportunities through improved standards of living, resources, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and environmental protection. This can happen either within one country or between nations. There is debate over how best to achieve this goal; some believe it can only occur through increased trade and liberalization while others think governments must intervene with policies like subsidies. Whatever approach is used, there needs to be growth in per capita income as well as increases in output and productivity if the standard of living is going to improve.

One major component of economic development is industrialization—the shift from agriculture towards manufacturing industries which pay higher wages and offer more stable jobs. Another significant aspect involves reducing poverty levels across society so everyone benefits from the development process. In developing countries today, around 80% live in vulnerable situations such as extreme poverty. Therefore, measures that help address these vulnerabilities become critical components in any plan for sustainable economic development.

Explore the concepts and components of economic development, including industrialization, poverty reduction, and growth in per capita income. Learn about the different approaches to achieve economic development and the importance of improving standards of living for individuals and societies.

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