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Which term describes the movement of an individual or group out of an area or population?

What term is used to describe the absolute number of species in a given habitat or community?

Which type of factors influence an ecosystem include living organisms?

What is the main energy source for life on earth, according to the text?

Organisms that rely on other organisms for their energy and food supply are known as what?

What process uses light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and carbohydrates?

In which direction does energy flow through an ecosystem, according to the text?

'Food Chain' is best described as:

'Omnivores' are organisms that:

What is a measure of the absolute number of species in a given habitat or community?


Test your knowledge of key terms in ecology with this quiz! This quiz covers concepts such as diversity, ecosystem, energy fixation, and food chain. Challenge yourself and see how well you understand these important ecological terms.

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