Ecology: Study of Organisms and Environment

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What is the literal meaning of 'ecology'?

Study of the home of nature

How is ecology defined?

Relationship of living organisms with each other and their environment

In what way did primitive societies engage with ecology?

By having an intimate knowledge of the environment for survival

Which ancient Indian texts contain references to ecological concepts?

The Vedas, the Samhitas, the Brahmanas, and the Aranyakas-Upanishads

What kind of knowledge did people in ancient Indian society have about plant and animal ecology?

Advanced knowledge

How are organisms influenced by their environment according to ecology?

They are moulded by their environment

What does Charaka-Samhita mention as indispensable for life?

Air, land, water, and seasons

How is the term 'environment' defined?

The sum total of living and non-living components surrounding an organism

Which components make up the abiotic part of the environment?

Energy, radiation, temperature & heat flow

What is included in the biotic part of the environment?

Green plants, non-green plants, decomposers

Why is it mentioned that the environment is not static?

Because both biotic and abiotic factors are in flux

What makes up the external environment of a fish in a pond?

Light, temperature, dissolved nutrients, oxygen, gases

Explore the scientific study of the relationship between living organisms and their environment. Learn about how organisms are shaped by their surroundings and how they interact with environmental resources like energy flow and mineral cycling.

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