Ecology Lecture 1

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15 Questions

What is the main culprit for global warming?

What are the natural carbon sinks?

How is water transported within plants?

What leads to changes in plant/animal behavior and increased wildfire frequency?

What does the term 'population' refer to in ecology?

Which of the following is an abiotic factor in an ecosystem?

What distinguishes climate from weather in ecology?

What do global cycles in ecology involve?

What are the main contributors to the increasing temperature on Earth?

What is the process through which water absorbed by plant roots is transported up the plant and evaporates through pores in the leaves?

What are the natural carbon sinks mentioned in the text?

Which level of ecological research includes all the populations of a given area?

What do abiotic factors in an ecosystem refer to?

What determines the type of ecosystem, whether it's desert, tropical, temperate, boreal, or polar?

What does the study of ecology involve in terms of data collection and analysis?


Test your knowledge of ecology with this quiz covering data collection, statistics, modeling, and levels of ecological research. Explore the definitions of organism, population, community, ecosystem, and biosphere.

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