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What is the definition of Native and Indigenous species?

What is the key difference between Alien and Exotic species?

What defines Nuisance and Noxious species?

How are Invasive species defined?

What are the potential impacts of Invasive marine species?

How were all invasive non-native species introduced?

What are the principal mechanisms of marine algal invasions?

Why are native species often unable to compete with invasive species?

What are the reported reasons for the increased invasion rates of species into the Baltic Sea?

How can algae spread rapidly and grow in the absence of their natural herbivores?

What factors influence marine macroalgal invasions?

What may be a major factor controlling the susceptibility of a community to invasion?

When does a community become susceptible to invasion according to the study discussed?

In what situations can a community become susceptible to invasion according to the study discussed?

What can contribute to the resistance to herbivory?

How can ships contribute to the spread of aquatic organisms?


Test your knowledge of ecological terms with this quiz! From native and indigenous species to alien and exotic introductions, and distinguishing between nuisance and noxious species, challenge yourself to see how well you know these important ecological concepts.

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