Ecocentric Model Beliefs and Legislation

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What is the primary belief in the Ecocentric Model?

Earth’s ecology and ecosystems have intrinsic value – meaning they should be protected and valued even if they can’t be used by humans as resources.

How can legislation be translated to action?


How can someone be acting in bad faith according to Jean Paul Sartre?

Escape obligation

What is an example of Thomas Hobbes’ way of preserving our lives?

Mutually divest ourselves from certain rights

In creating a conducive environment for hearing-impaired children, what is essential?

Establishing communicative settings

According to St. Aquinas, which of the following does not belong to the Four Classifications of Law?

Supreme Law

According to Jean Paul Sartre, what is the very core and the door to authentic existence?


Which of the following is the assertion of Thomas Hobbes?

“In order to preserve our lives, we should seek peace.”

According to Karol Wojtyla, which concept explains the essence of the human person?


During the Renaissance period, European philosophers shifted their focus from supernatural to:


Test your knowledge about the primary belief of Ecocentric Model and how legislation can be translated into action. Choose the correct options and see how well you understand the concepts.

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