East Asian Music: Japan, Korea, China

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What does Sakura depict?

What is the meaning of Mo Li Hua in Chinese?

What does the term Chong-ak refer to in Korean music?

What is Odaiko in Japanese music?

What type of music is Pansori in Korea?

What distinguishes Korean Music from classical music works?

Which Japanese instrument is similar to a guitar or banjo with 3-4 strings?

What is the chosen instrument of "BENTEN" the goddess of music, poetry, and education in Japanese Shinto?

Which Korean instrument has a 2 string vertical fiddle held vertically on the knee of the performer and played with a bow?

What does the Chinese instrument 'Yunluo' consist of?

Which instrument is literally known as the "Dragon Flute" and used in bagaku?

What is the most famous flute made from bamboo in Japan?


Explore the musical traditions of Japan, Korea, and China, including the unique characteristics of Japanese music based on human breathing intervals, the traditional Japanese folk song Sakura, the influence of harmony of the universe in Chinese music, and the gentle melody of the traditional Chinese song Mo Li Hua.

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