Earthquake Measurement and Seismic Waves

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What instrument is used to detect ground vibrations and determine the magnitude of an earthquake?

How is earthquake magnitude calculated using the Richter Scale?

What is the advantage of the Moment Magnitude Scale (Mw) over the Richter Scale (ML) when measuring earthquakes of magnitude 8 and above?

What causes stress to build at plate boundaries, eventually resulting in earthquakes?

What happens when the rocks can no longer contain the stress at plate boundaries?

Why do earthquakes generally occur along plate boundaries?

Which term refers to the point in the earth's crust where the energy is suddenly released during an earthquake?

What is the name for the smaller earthquakes that occur after the main shock along the fault line?

What do seismic waves refer to?

In the context of earthquakes, what does 'magnitude' refer to?


Test your knowledge of earthquake measurement and seismic waves with this quiz. Explore concepts such as the Richter Scale, seismic energy, seismometers, and the measurement of earthquake magnitude.

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