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When did the Roman Occupation of Britain begin?

What important cultural and historical result did the Roman Occupation have on Britain?

Who was the 'other' St. Augustine that landed in Kent in 597 A.D.?

What was the official language during the Roman Occupation of Britain?

What important structure was built about 122 A.D. during the Roman Occupation of Britain?

During which period did St. Augustine, who converted King Aethelbert to Christianity, land in Kent?

Which group was pushed into Wales and Ireland by the strong armed forces ('legions') during the Roman Occupation?

What event led to the departure of Romans from Britain in 410 A.D.?

Which period saw the completion of Hadrian’s Wall in Britain?

What was the official language during the Roman Occupation of Britain?

During the Roman Occupation, the practice of recording history led to the earliest English 'literature' being documentary.

The Romans left Britain in 410 A.D. because of the Visigoth attack on Rome.

The Anglo-Saxon Period in Britain lasted from 410 A.D. to 787 A.D.

St. Augustine converted King Aethelbert to Christianity during the Viking Invasions in Britain.

The Romans prevented Vikings from raiding Britain for several hundred years.


Test your knowledge of the early periods of English history, from the pre-Roman era to the Norman Conquest in 1066. Explore the Roman occupation, Anglo-Saxon period, Viking invasions, and the influence of Britons, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and Normans.

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