Early Autumn by Langston Hughes

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What caused Bill and Mary to stop speaking to each other?

How did Bill react when Mary lifted her face as though wanting a kiss?

Where does Mary work now?

What is Bill's profession now?

What does the encounter between Bill and Mary reveal about their past relationship?

What did the protagonist forget to do before leaving?

What was the protagonist's emotional state as she entered the bus?

What was the significance of the lights coming on up the whole length of Fifth Avenue?

What did the leaves falling slowly from the trees in the Square symbolize?

What did Bill suggest to the protagonist before she left?

Bill was still ______ at all

The leaves fell slowly from the trees in the ______

The lights came on up the whole length of Fifth Avenue, chains of misty brilliance in the ______ air

She felt a little ______

The bus started. People came between them ______, people crossing the street, people they didn't know

She lost sight of Bill. Then she remembered she had forgotten to give him her address—or to ask him for ______ -- or tell him that her youngest boy was named Bill, too


Test your knowledge of the short story 'Early Autumn' by Langston Hughes. Explore the themes, characters, and events depicted in this classic literary work.

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