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Which of the following is a marketing strategy used in E-Business according to the text?

Cross merchandising

What is one of the impacts of E-Business on operational efficiency?

Improved competitive position

What is one advantage of E-Commerce technology mentioned in the text?

Breaking geographical barriers

Which statement represents a disadvantage of E-Payment Systems as per the text?

Vulnerability to cybercriminals

In the context of E-Commerce technology, what does 'ubiquity' refer to?

Power of accessibility

One of the advantages of E-Business mentioned in the text is:

Improved sales support

What is an example of an element of Electronic Business discussed in the text?

Broadband Content creation technologies

Which aspect does E-Business focus on according to the text?

Reaching people to governance

What is the purpose of a Client Resource Management system in Electronic Business?

Facilitate enterprise dealings with customers

What does ERP stand for in the context of Electronic Business?

Enterprise Resource Planning

What is an advantage of using E-Commerce technology in business?

Increased convenience for both businesses and consumers

How does the Immediacy of result impact operational efficiency in E-Business?

Improves decision-making and response time

Which of the following is not a major benefit of E-Business mentioned in the text?

Risk-free business operations

What does the Business to Business (B2B) electronic business model involve?

Businesses conducting transactions with other businesses

In the context of E-Commerce, what does C2B stand for?

Consumer-to-Business interactions

What is a key business challenge highlighted in the text related to E-Business?

Mass Customization

Which of the following is not considered a major benefit of E-Commerce technology?

Flexibility in IT architecture

What does the Electronic Business Model emphasize as a method for a company to sustain itself?

Generate revenue

Test your knowledge on the impact and transformation of E-Business including operational flexibility, process definition, security necessities, and 3-tier architecture. Explore concepts such as improved operational efficiency, cost reduction, competitive advantage, and market penetration.

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