Dystopian Time Travel Lecture

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What is the department of the Museum of Ancient History that the Historian is presenting about?

Department of the Twentieth Century

How did books in the twentieth century impact people, according to the Historian?

Illustrated, educated, punctuated, and decorated

According to the Historian, what was the twentieth century often called?

Era of the Book

What event from 2040 does the Historian mention was averted by a single book?

Martian invasion

What type of book actually prevented the Martian invasion according to the Historian?

Not an encyclopedia or a tome about rockets

In what department is Think-Tank seated as mentioned in the text?

Down left

What does the sign on the easel at Mars Space Control Great and Mighty Think-Tank say?

Bow low before entering

How did Apprentice Noodle address the Think-Tank when asking about his orders?

O Great and Mighty Think-Tank, Ruler of Mars and her two moons

What was the Earth referred to by the Think-Tank?

Ridiculous little planet

What did the Think-Tank wish to consult when he asked for his mirror?

His mirror

What did Apprentice Noodle aspire to have in the future as mentioned by the Think-Tank?

A balloon brain like the Think-Tank

What did the Think-Tank want to do before lunch as communicated to the space probe?

Invade Earth

Join the Historian at the Museum of Ancient History in the twenty-fifth century as she delves into the curiosities of the twentieth century on Earth. Set in a dystopian future, this lecture takes you on a journey through time and history.

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