Dulux Paint Colors Quiz

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11 Questions

What is the purpose of the Sill Plate option mentioned in the text?

In panel configuration, what does 'L-DRR' represent?

What is included in the highprofile Classic Z Frame with Tracking?

What are the deductions for overall panel in the 'Highprofile Classic Poplar & Basswood' z frame options?

What is the Configuration code for a 3-panel configuration?

How is a hinged no frame panel mounted?

What is the Rebate Width for non-recessed pivot hinges?

What is the deadline for ordering the old painted colour range?

What is the consequence of requiring one of the discontinued colours for a new order?

When can the new standard stained colour range be ordered?

What should be done if there is a need for the most up to date swatching?


Test your knowledge of Dulux paint colors with this quiz. Identify the colors inspired by various Dulux shades like Vivid White, Lexicon, Antique White U.S.A., and more.

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