Supercopa de España 2023 in Riad, Saudi Arabia



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True or false: La Supercopa de España se disputará en enero de 2022.

True or false: El partido de semifinales entre Barcelona y Betis se jugará el jueves 12 de enero.

True or false: La final de la Supercopa se transmitirá por Movistar.


  • The Supercopa de España will be held in Riad, Saudi Arabia in January of 2023 and will be contested by the Real Madrid (Liga champions), Barcelona (Liga runners-up), Betis (Copa del Rey winners) and Valencia (Copa del Rey finalists).

  • The stadium where the tournament will be held has a capacity of 67,000 spectators.

  • The first semifinal will be contested by Real Madrid and Valencia on Wednesday, January 11th (20:00 hours) and the other finalist will be determined by the matchup between Betis and Barcelona on Wednesday, January 12th (20:00 hours).

  • The final will be played on Sunday, January 15th. All of the tournament will be televised by Vamos, in Movistar.


Test your knowledge about the upcoming Supercopa de España 2023, which will be held in Riad, Saudi Arabia. Learn about the participating teams, the schedule, and the venue of the tournament.

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