Drugs for Anemia and Hematological Disorders

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What is the most commonly implicated aetiological agent in acquired Fanconi's anaemia?


Which type of drugs can predictably cause aplastic anaemia if given in sufficient doses?

Alkylating agents

What is the recommended curative therapy of choice for young patients with Fanconi's anaemia?

Bone marrow transplantation

Which adverse drug reaction category does aplastic anaemia caused by chloramphenicol fall under?

Type B adverse reaction

In cases where bone marrow transplantation is not an option, what medications are suggested to reduce transfusion requirements in Fanconi's anaemia patients?

Anabolic steroids and G-CSF

Which factor is used in patients with factor IX deficiency?

Factor IX

What does serum ferritin concentration correlate with?

Body iron stores

What is the main function of recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa)?

Achievement of hemostasis

What are the common adverse effects of factor IX infusions?

Anaphylactic reactions

What characterizes aplastic anemia?

Pancytopenia with absence of hematological precursors in the marrow

Explore drugs used in the treatment of anemia and other hematological disorders with this quiz focusing on information provided by Dr. Kumara Kaluarachchi from the Department of Pharmacology at Rajarata University. Topics include iron deficiency, inadequate dietary intake, physiological iron requirements, and more.

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