Drug Elimination Rate and Clearance Quiz

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What is the primary pharmacokinetic parameter for elimination?


How is elimination rate constant related to clearance and volume of distribution?

The elimination rate constant is dependent on the clearance and volume of distribution.

Explain the relationship between elimination rate and plasma concentration in first-order elimination.

The rate of elimination is higher with higher plasma concentrations and lower with smaller plasma concentrations in first-order elimination.

How is elimination expressed using clearance and plasma concentration?

Elimination can be expressed as Rate of elimination = Cl x Cp, where Cl is total body clearance and Cp is plasma concentration.

Describe the distribution of a drug in the body and its relationship with tissue/plasma concentration ratio.

As distribution proceeds, the tissue/plasma concentration ratio increases in each tissue until reaching equilibrium.

What is a compartment in pharmacokinetics?

An imaginary unit consisting of tissues with similar drug uptake rates.

Which tissues are usually considered well-perfused tissues in drug uptake?

Heart, Liver, Kidneys

How are compartments selected for a particular drug?

Based on the behavior of plasma concentrations observed over time.

What is the central compartment in pharmacokinetic models?

The compartment consisting of plasma and tissues that rapidly take up the drug.

How many compartments are typically needed to create plasma concentration-time profiles?

Between one and three compartments.

Test your knowledge on the rate of drug elimination and clearance process in the body. Understand how plasma concentration affects drug elimination and how clearance is related to the amount of drug in the body. Explore key concepts such as elimination rate constant and total body clearance.

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