Dr. Samar Hesham Lecture #1: Computer Basics

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What is the main purpose of information technology (IT)?

Which technology is responsible for the discovery of meaningful information in large data volumes?

What is the main feature that makes a computer different from other devices?

What does an information system do with raw data?

Which technology is focused on intelligent software that learns and adapts?

What is the main function of an information system?

What physical components comprise computer hardware?

Which part of the computer hardware is responsible for performing arithmetic and logical operations?

What is the function of the Control Unit in a CPU?

Which of the following is a type of secondary memory?

What is the purpose of procedures in an information system?

What type of data-storage capability does secondary memory usually have?

Where are the rules or guidelines for people to follow when using software, hardware, and data typically documented?

What stores information being processed by the CPU?

What is the purpose of network connection in computer hardware?

What is the main purpose of the Internet?

Which networking technology is responsible for changing the way we communicate?

What is the role of interconnecting networks in internetworking?

What is the main purpose of computer networks?

What is the function of the modem in a computer network?

Which statement best describes Cloud computing?

Which type of software enables application software to interact with computer hardware?

What is the purpose of an embedded operating system?

Which type of computer is capable of great processing speeds and data storage?

What is the main function of an antivirus software?

What type of software is used to manage files stored in a file system?

What distinguishes midrange computers (servers) from mainframe computers and personal computers (PCs)?

Which type of personal computer is the least powerful yet the most widely used?

What type of software is responsible for managing the disk space, partitions, and format of a disk?

What are real-time operating systems (RTOS) used for?

What distinguishes supercomputers from mainframe computers?


Test your knowledge of basic computer concepts with this quiz covering the definition of a computer, the purpose of information, and the distinguishing features of computers, such as computational speed and storage capacity.

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