Distinction Test: Lucas Test, AgNO2 Test, Tollen's Reagent Test

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What reagent is used to detect 1ᴼ, 2ᴼ, and 3ᴼ alcohols in the Lucas Test?

Concentrated HCl

Which compound forms a white ppt of AgCl in the Lucas Test?

Primary alcohol

Which functional group reacts with [Ag(NH3)2]⁺ to form a silver mirror in Tollen's Reagent test?


Which compound reacts with NaHCO3 to produce CO2 gas?

Carboxylic acid

What is the product formed in the Iodoform Test involving an aldehyde or ketone with at least one CH3 group?

CHI3 (yellow ppt)

What type of bonds must be present in a compound to undergo Bayer's Test and decolorize?

Double bonds

Aldehydes react with [Ag(NH3)2]+ to form a silver mirror in Tollen's Reagent test.


Ketones react with [Ag(NH3)2]+ to form a silver mirror in Tollen's Reagent test.


In the Lucas Test, 1ᴼ alcohols show immediate turbidity when treated with AgNO2.


The Iodoform Test is used to detect aldehydes and ketones that have at least one CH3 group.


NaHCO3 reacts with carboxylic acids to produce CO2 gas.


Bayer's Test is used to detect aliphatic and aromatic primary amines.


Study Notes

Distinction Tests

  • Lucas Test: distinguishes between 1ᴼ, 2ᴼ, and 3ᴼ alcohols using Conc. HCl and anhydrous AlCl₃
  • AgNO₂ Test: distinguishes between haloalkanes and haloarenes
  • Tollen's Reagent: detects aldehydes and ketones in alkaline medium, forming a silver mirror (Ag)
  • Fehling's Test: detects aldehydes and ketones (including aromatic aldehydes), forming a red-brown ppt (Cu₂O)

Iodoform Test

  • detects aldehydes and ketones with at least one CH₃ group
  • reaction: NaOH + I₂ → CHI₃ (yellow ppt)

NaHCO₃ Test

  • detects RCOOH and phenol
  • reaction: RCOOH + NaHCO₃ → RCOONa + CO₂↑

2,4 DNP Test

  • detects either RCHO or ketone

Bayer's Test

  • detects double or triple bonds in straight-chain compounds
  • reaction: Br₂ / H₂O → decolorization

Azo-Dye Test

  • detects 1ᴼ amines in aliphatic and aromatic compounds
  • reaction: HNO₂ + β-naphthol → orange dye (insoluble in water)

This quiz covers the distinction between Reagent Lucas test for 1°, 2°, 3° alcohols, AgNO2 test for Haloalkane & Haloarene, and Tollen's reagent test for Aldehyde & Ketone. It also includes reaction observations, detection methods, and remarks for different chemical compounds.

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