Dissociative and Somatic Symptom-Related Disorders Quiz

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What is the key feature of dissociative disorders?

Which response is a common aspect of dissociation?

How does extreme stress typically affect memory, according to cognitive theory?

What type of memory shows deficits in dissociative disorders?

What aspect of cognition or experience becomes inaccessible to consciousness in dissociation?

Which type of response may lead to a sudden disruption in the continuity of consciousness, emotions, motivation, memory, and identity?

Which condition involves altered perception of self and the world, often triggered by stress or traumatic events?

What is the characteristic feature of dissociative amnesia?

What is the dissociative fugue subtype associated with?

What characterizes Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)?

Which term refers to the perception of self as being altered and being triggered by stress or traumatic event?

What distinguishes dementia from dissociation in terms of memory loss?

What does dissociative amnesia involve that distinguishes it from ordinary forgetfulness?

Which disorder is characterized by inability to consciously recall experiences that affect behavior?

What does the dissociative fugue subtype involve?

What are the typical symptoms experienced in depersonalization/derealization disorder?


Test your knowledge on Dissociative Disorders, Somatic Symptom-Related Disorders, their symptoms, etiology, and treatment by taking this quiz. Explore key features of Dissociative Disorders and enhance your understanding of these psychological conditions.

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