Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Quiz

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What is considered the most effective model of health education today?

What is the outcome of effective health education?

What must health education programs be designed with to achieve positive behavior change?

In what settings does health education occur today?

What is health promotion defined as?

What enables the acquisition of knowledge and empowerment of individuals in the participative model of health education?

What is the broad purpose of health education?

What does health literacy refer to?

What is the focus of disease prevention?

What brought about a change in the approach to the concept of health?

What is the outcome of health education activities?

What is the degree to which people are able to access, understand, appraise, and communicate information in order to promote and maintain good health?


Test your knowledge on disease prevention, anticipatory actions, health education, and health promotion. This quiz covers concepts related to reducing the likelihood of future undesired events, improving health literacy, and enabling people to increase control over their health.

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