Discovering Family Therapy Approaches

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Family systems approaches differ from individual counselling in that

They focus on the person within their context

What is circular causality in family systems?

Interactions occur in a cyclical manner

Which family therapy model focuses on intergenerational transmission processes?

Bowenian family therapy

What is the key premise of structural family therapy?

Problematic family structures may compromise the family's capacity to meet demands

Which technique is used in structural family therapy to address problematic family organizational structures?


Which family therapy model views families as living organisms in interaction with one another and the environment?

Milan systemic family therapy

Which term refers to numerous therapeutic approaches in family therapy?

Family therapy

What is the most important point of differentiation for family therapy approaches?

Concern with context/systems

Who believed it was best to keep patients away from their toxic families?

Sigmund Freud

During which decades did therapeutic approaches focus on the individual in the family who was the 'problem'?

40s & 50s

What were the three main areas of focus for differentiating family therapy approaches?

Problem-maintaining behavior patterns, problematic and constraining belief systems, historical and contextual predisposing factors

What is the course code for Family Therapy?


Which of the following is a key aspect of the Milan Family Therapy model?

Focus on process and history of family patterns

When do problems generally arise in a family?

When the family's maps of reality cease to be useful

What is one of the techniques used in Milan Family Therapy?


What is the goal of the therapist in Milan Family Therapy?

To facilitate change in the family belief systems

What is one of the cultural considerations in family therapy?

Caution regarding pathologizing the values & characteristics of families

When did Family Therapy become established in Australia?

In the mid 1980's

What type of therapy is commonly taught in academic settings in New Zealand?

Narrative Therapy

What is one of the training opportunities available in New Zealand for couples and family therapy?

Post-graduate papers at several NZ universities

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