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What is the Trolley Problem?

A thought experiment exploring the ethical dilemma of sacrificing one person to save others

What is the dilemma in the Trolley Problem?

Whether to save the five people or the one person

What is the classic version of the Trolley Problem?

A runaway trolley heading towards five people tied up on the tracks, with a lever that can divert it onto a different track where there is only one person tied up

What does the Trolley Problem explore?

The ethical dilemma of sacrificing one person to save a larger number of people

What is the purpose of the Trolley Problem?

To challenge traditional moral principles

Test your ethical reasoning skills with our Trolley Problem quiz! Explore the thought-provoking scenarios and make difficult decisions that challenge your moral compass. Delve into the world of ethics and moral philosophy while grappling with the ethical dilemma of sacrificing one life to save many. Can you navigate the complexities of this timeless thought experiment? Find out now!

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