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Where can you find a plethora of new business ideas?

What role does the internet play in finding new business opportunities?

Apart from magazines and the internet, where else can you find potential business ideas?

What should you determine first when generating business ideas?

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a source of new business ideas?

The internet acts as a vast library where you can explore and discover numerous potential business ______.

Magazines like Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, Business Magazines, “Go Negosyo”, Know About Business (KAB) materials, and Small-Industry Journal offer a wealth of ______ and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Banks and local non-government organizations often provide lists of potential businesses that can be set up in a specific ______

When it comes to generating business ideas, it is crucial to start by determining the specific type of business that ______.

The internet not only provides insights on how to strategically position your product in terms of its right place, price, and timing, but also offers valuable guidance on various aspects of running a successful ______.


Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on Finding New Business Ideas

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