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Which body of water borders Java to the north?

Indian Ocean

What is the population of Java?

151.6 million

Which city is the capital of Indonesia?


Which of the following is NOT located in Java?

Komodo National Park

What historical events took place on Java?

All of the above

Which term is often used interchangeably with 'programmer' and 'developer', but is not exactly the same?


Which term refers to the process of making decisions and telling the computer what decisions to make under different circumstances?


What is the main focus of coding?


What is the difference between programming and development?

Programming is thinking, while development is making decisions.

Which term encompasses the process of logic, thinking, and making decisions?


Test your knowledge about the island of Java in Indonesia with this quiz. Explore its geography, population, and cultural significance. Learn interesting facts about the world's most populous island.

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